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by Remy DeCausemaker
January 26, 2012

On December 15th, FOSS@RIT of the RIT Lab for Technological Literacy hosted the first of two Hackathons for the National STEM Video Game Challenge. A Hackathon is like a marathon, but rather than running,  people are coding. Hackathons provide a collaborative environment of like-minded folks, who help each other solve problems, experiment with new concepts, […]

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iLearn More

by Carly Shuler
January 13, 2012

Carly Shuler is a researcher, developer, and author in the children’s media and toy industry. As our inaugural Fellow, Carly has researched and authored a number of Cooney Center reports, including D is for Digital, iLearn and Pockets of Potential. Since her fellowship, Carly has continued her work with the Center, leading many of our […]

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Cynthia Chong

A Matter of App: A New Website Rating Kids’ Apps

by Cynthia Chong
January 10, 2012

Cynthia Chong is an educational media researcher whose research focuses on how the design of educational media can affect young children’s learning and the way they interact with them, as well as how parents and teachers use these technologies to teach. She recently began reviewing educational apps for 3- to 8-year-olds on her blog, A […]

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Rebecca Herr Stephenson

Introducing the Cooney Center/Annenberg Innovation Lab Collaboration

by Becky Herr-Stephenson, PhD
January 4, 2012

You’ve likely heard the saying “two heads are better than one” used in support of collaboration. Besides the increase in brainpower, the availability of different perspectives and experiences also contributes to the value of working together. On Sesame Street, this adage is embodied by the Two-Headed Monster, who literally puts his heads together to solve […]

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